This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about Be Our Guest Asia, or if you need support, please call oursupport center.

Reservation process

As of August 2016, our booking process requires human intervention. Our programmers are working on this, which we expect to have online not later than October 2016.

The current process is as follows:
1. E-mail us your check-in and check-out dates with one or two preferred properties.
2. We will reply same business day or next business day with availability and total price.
3. We require a deposit of 7,000 baht or 50% of the value of the stay in order to reserve the unit on your behalf. Payment 

Terms & conditions (check-in, check-out, cancellations, etc.)

Check in time is 14:00 to 20:00 daily.

Check out time is not later than 12:00 noon. 

Wherever possible, we will do our best to accommodate requests to check in early (not before 09:00). This depends on whether we have a guest checking out on your date of arrival.

Any requests outside of normal working hours (09:00 to 20:00 daily), whether for check in or check out, will be charged an extra fee of 1,000 baht. This amount is payable in cash at time of check in or check out.

The minimum stay per our company policy is 2 nights. However, each condo complex have their own rules and regulations which we must comply with. So if a minimum stay based on the rules and regulations of the condo association is 1 month, then we follow these requirements. It is best if you check each listing you're interested in to verify the minimum stay policy for that given property.

At the time of booking you agree to inform us of your expected check in time and flight information as soon as available, not less than 24 hours before your scheduled arrival.  If you do not notify us of your arrival time or don't show up on or before 8:00 pm on your check in date, we will release the room the next day for rental to another customer.  

If you cancel your reservations you will forfeit your booking deposit.  If you pre-paid your room rate these funds (less deposit and bank charges) will be returned to you if you give 30 days notice.

Internet services, normally Wifi dedicated inside the unit, is included within our room rates for stays of less than two months. For stays of two months or longer, internet service will be added to the room charges at 990 baht per month for our standard service.