If you’re reading this page you have either already purchased investment property in Thailand (Pattaya) or you’re considering doing so. You’ve heard the sales pitch from property developers and real estate agents about what a fantastic return on investment (ROI) you can achieve. It’s true that you can achieve a decent ROI, realistically around 7% to 8% net.
What the developers and the real estate agents don’t tell you is that it’s hard work to market and manage your property in order to maximize your ROI. If you live abroad and/or aren’t familiar with local rules and regulations, it can get even more difficult. Whether you have the time and energy to manage your own properties, why do it yourself when you can hire a team of professionals?                          

The primary objectives of our property management solution include the following:
  • Provide a value added, turnkey solution for property investors whose primary objective is to generate rental income from their properties.
  • Eliminate investors’ need to be involved in the day-to-day management of their property.
  • Generate the best possible ROI by ensuring the highest possible occupancy rates.
  • Develop a strong rental history so the property is attractive to other property investors who may be interested in buying should you choose to sell in the future.
  • Maintain transparency of investment results by providing regular reports to investors.
  • Ensure that required maintenance and repairs are scheduled and performed as required.

You’d like to learn more about our property management solution?

Click here to register and receive additional information about our property management solution. In filling out the form, please specify if you prefer to receive our program overview in English or Thai. You may contact Be Our Guest Asia as follows:
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Thinking about buying property in Pattaya or Thailand?

If you’re considering purchasing property in Thailand please contact our affiliated real estate company, Big Mango Properties. Our team of professional real estate agents will help you with your property search. As an investor, we will help you analyze the projected performance of target properties including a full ROI calculation. You may contact Big Mango Properties as follows:
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